two, 2019 -> ongoing 

Loosley connected to my past project ‘mishappenings’, I have an ongoing series in connection to a collection of email exchanges between Kathy Acker and McKenzie Wark titled, I’m very into youcorrespondence 1995-1996. It is intimate writing between two authors and their desire for shared connection. There is one passage from Wark to Acker that many of my current pieces revolve around, “What does Baudelaire say: the lovers come face to face, eye to eye, and in an instant one blinks, and in that instant it is decided: who shall be loves victim, and who love’s executioner”. I am reflecting on this text, and trying to create a dialogue within the images that I make. The addition of colour is an attempt to represent the absence of a connection or the separation of one. Most often the images are landscapes without people, the intention was to conceptually depicted a human interaction in an abstracted form with digital interventions and the use of colour. On occasion I will focus on skin, to show a closeness or the desire to be close.