"Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography… required that he invent his own vocabulary in order to try and express the mysterious hold the photograph has on him. In his search, he turns to two words: studium and punctum. For Barthes, the studium is that which is of general interest. The punctum, however has a more individualized and poignant meaning. It is that which “rises from the scene, shoots out of it like an arrow and pierces me.” It is the “sting,” the “wound.” For Barthes, a central feature of photography and the basis of its ability to penetrate is that it “reproduces to infinity what has happened only once.”
Paula Carabell, Photography, Phonography, and the Lost Object
The use of punctum in this way, is the motivation behind why I make what I make, and the ultimate goal for how my works could be received. My interests lie with experimentation, to test how malleable and stretchy processes can be. My practice concentrates on time-based methods, such as, photography, sound, book works, text, and dialogue, with the aim to create hybrid forms, and to rupture the borders around fact and fiction. 
Most of my projects are visualised as books and sound works. There is an intimacy in how these works can be held or listened to, up close, to experience the “sting,” and the “wound” as the arrow pierces.