This project is about how we perceive failure. Everyday small failings reflect ‘mishappenings’: of communication and dialogue, of what happens between humans, and of what happens between humans and their natures, including machines. I can identify and empathise with these mishappenings. The project seeks to document a few of my interactions with the so-called ‘flawed’ as a way of preserving intimate, shared experiences, and of trying to understand the feeling of the ununderstandable.

You can see the book that I made for this project here.

The sound piece for mishappenings can be heard here


These photographs are playful experiments in response to words and concepts found in two papers, Loop-weighted walk by Tyler Helmuth and Self-attracting self avoiding walk by Alan Hammond and Tyler Helmuth. 

Some of the words/concepts I am directly responding to are: Self-interacting, self-attracting, self-avoiding, random walks, loops, repulsion, loop erasure, spin, bubble chain, memory, zigzag, unwieldy, spacelike, non-empty collections, hyperedges, connectedness, flips, heaps of pieces (I especially like heaps of pieces).

The following recurring themes will also be featured in this work: Reveal and conceal, affect, the use of layers and collage, sound, and the otherworldly/make-believe.

These series was created for an instagram take-over for the UWE Photography Research Group, you can see it here. 

A selection of these images were included in the Visions of Science exhibition at the Andrew Brownsword Gallery, University of Bath, Sept-Oct 2018.

The image Loop Erasure was also included in the 
Humble Arts Foundation Group Show #59: ‘Numerology’, Online. Dec 2018.