Spinoza…talks of the body in terms of its capacity for affecting or being affected. These are not two different capacities – they always go together. When you affect something, you are at the same time opening yourself up to being affected in turn, and in a slightly different way than you might have been the moment before.

What really gets me excited is experimental music. 
Sonic surprises. 
The unexpected and non-linear. 
Without narrative or conversation. 
When I am not sure where a piece of music is going, where it’s taking me, or how it will end, I think of this as a sound adventure.

What I’m interested in trying to explore is the relationship between experimental sound and experimental vision. 

By using experimental music rather than a visual object to work from, I will seek to sample, synthesize, and abstract narratives from the photographs I work from. The final images aim to be abstract yet affective, but which perform, in their visuality, some of the experimental encounters that manifest in sound art. 

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